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The Reception of the Director

On behalf of the management of The International Bali Tourism Institute, we would like to say a grateful appreciation for your contribution in supporting the institute.

Looking toward to the development of the world tourism, the movements of the people to visit one country to the other country are very rapid and boundless. Therefore, the competitions and the quality of the human resources will be considered fully in their competencies. The science and the skillful tasks are considered to solve the problem, also the human resources would take attention and always having a great attention.

The International Bali Tourism Institute is considered as the institution to educate the generation to be expert in tourism to face the global world. Through high quality education, research and public service in tourism and hotel fields, The International Bali Tourism Institute is expected to be able to produce international standard human resources.

Hopefully through this institute, it would support the development of the Indonesia human resources.

Denpasar, Mei 2008
STP Bali Internasional

Drs. I Wayan Bendhi, SH, MM, Dip Hot

Info Pendaftaran STPBI


Pendaftaran mulai tanggal 9 Januari 2012 s/d 12 Mei 2012

Tes Masuk tanggal : 24-26 Mei 2012

Biaya Pendaftaran Rp. 250.000


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